Are We Blowing It With Strategic Land Use Planning? What About Water, Farmland, and Urban Areas?

The other day, I was having an interesting conversation with regards to over population of the human species around the world. For instance, how on Earth is the planet going to be able to feed, provide fresh water, and support 50 Billion people? Some say that we already have too many people on said planet, their evidence is undeniable in some regions of our world, but not everywhere. Okay so, let's talk.

My acquaintance mentioned that it wouldn't be a bad idea to set limits and available farmland as a way to help support and sustain our ever growing populations. Indeed, I once lived in a city that grew quickly, it had top soil 50 feet deep, perfect climate for farming, but since the climate was so great, people wanted to live there and paved over it all. Then humans grow and farm, fruit trees of all things, in places like Florida, little if any decent top soil and hardly any fresh water supplies due to poor reservoir storage.

Now then, with proper strategic land use planning for farmlands and the zoning issues, along with allowing free-market capitalism to do its magic, as it will provide all those things we need, as well as abundance - we could make all this work and have enough food and water for all. Why free-market capitalism to help you ask? Well, we know that communism doesn't do so well when it comes to feeding large populations, it tends to cause shortages, as in potato lines which was a common problem in Russia, and in communist China with their shortages causing starvation.

When looking at these historical case studies it is very hard in good faith to promote centralized control to feed populations, and thus, any sort of world-wide centralized mandate will not solve the problem rather it will create more and exacerbate these issues. It has to be done locally and regionally, with the wishes of the people in mind too.

Thus, the answer seems to be more research and development in agricultural, especially "pure research" and as those technologies to improve efficiency, increase yield, and create greater abundance become available, entrepreneurs will bring them forth. Next, we must have better policies on land use, but we must keep the crony-capitalists and corrupt politics out of it, rather base our decisions on real data, research, and science. The problem with this is of course is that even academia has been hijacked, and many don't even trust the science research anymore, I am one of them, and I run a think tank, so that's how far down we've come.

If we move upward with population increases then we have no choice but to keep pace with our technologies, if not people will starve, die, and Mother Nature will come forth to limit population growth, and that will shake humanity to the core, as Mother Nature is cruel and doesn't take sides. Please consider all this.

Article Source: Lance Winslow

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